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May 1st, 2020
We hope this email finds you well and staying safe at home.
Today Premier Doug Ford announced that some businesses would be allowed to open on Monday May 4th. This gives us hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. However, there is still much anxiety and fear about the new world we are about to enter. And as so much of everything we read, see, and hear each day revolves around the pandemic and the current ‘eye of the storm’ the world is caught in, we find there is no escape, and maybe a break would be nice.
So today’s sharing is changed up a bit to consider, how are you doing?…thinking about your emotional and physical health, and to offer some suggestions to consider when alone with your thoughts and trying to understand our “now” and what our new “normal “ may look like.
Today, it is very common to feel anxious at times when our rituals and those of society suddenly become disturbed due to uncertainty being high and our control is low.
A few thoughts on what we can control:
  1. Information – find reliable information with moderate intake – do not take in CNN, FOX or any all-day information centre. Short bursts only and insist on reliable content without the “Hollywood” aspect.
  2. Structure – find your new routine or ritual and support what works for you, if before the pandemic you dressed in business attire, then dress smart business casual to maintain your mindset.
  3. Psychological – acknowledge that these are uncertain times and talk to your trusted network of family and friends including your professional advisors.
  4. Physical – control your diet and exercise safely where possible – endorphins that are released to your body from exercise make you happy, so why not try to incorporate more physical activity in your life, and the good food will even taste better!
These easy steps can help you feel a little more control over your thoughts and help to reduce your anxiety during this journey of uncertainty. We will get through it!
We also thought you might enjoy this fascinating historical read on an icon of the Toronto entertainment district:
Enjoy the article, our team is always here to help you through these challenging moments in life, and especially right now.
Please reach out to us if you need any help, or simply want to chat, we are always here for you.
Next week we will come back to the investment commentary and discuss while ‘the book is still being written’, ‘we have seen the movie’ , or simply, ‘we are not out of the woods on the markets yet’.
The Matheis Team