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The Matheis
Our role in financial planning goes well beyond merely analyzing your existing assets and determining how much must be saved to reach a particular goal. A proper financial plan should also assist you in developing realistic objectives and lifestyles and to help ensure that you are aware of the decisions and adjustments that may have to be made along the way.

Investment Planning
At Investment Planning Counsel, we possess an enduring commitment to help you live your dream and make the process of wealth management simple and straightforward.

Bank of
The Bank of Canada’s responsibilities focus on the goals of low and stable inflation, a safe and secure currency, financial stability, and the efficient management of government funds and public debt.

Advocis –
As a single organization, Advocis represents thousands of professional advisors from coast to coast. Advocis members advise their clients on the short- and long-term financial needs of individuals, families, and owners of small and medium-sized businesses
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The Department of Human Resources and Skills Development

The Canadian Human Rights Commission

Canada Revenue Agency

Financial Services Commission of Ontario

Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities

Ontario Ministry of Health

Health Canada

Ontario Ministry of Health


Green Shield Canada Health Assist
Provincial government health plans do not fully cover the costs of many health care services, leaving you vulnerable to unforeseen medical expenses. Green Shield Canada’s (GSC) supplemental health and dental plans transforms health coverage to meet your changing needs and provide you with the protection you need. To learn more, get a quote, or apply today please visit our website. *Plans Insured by Green Shield Canada

Chubb Life Critical Illness
You and your spouse can easily be covered with a simple health questionnaire or depending on coverage amount, no questions at all. We provide funds to be used any way you wish, at a time when expenses are likely to increase as a result of your critical condition. For more information on Chubb Life Critical Illness Coverage please visit our website.

The Globe and Mail

Benefits & Pension Monitor Magazine

Benefits Canada

International Foundation on Employee Benefit Plans

Over the years our team has encountered some pretty awesome companies. The following is a list of local businesses we wish to share with you.

Golden Rescue
Golden Rescue™ is one of the largest single breed rescue groups in Canada. We work hard to ensure that every Golden who enters our program is placed with a safe and loving forever family. Since 1990, Golden Rescue™ has found homes for over 1,800 abandoned, unwanted or displaced Golden Retrievers.

MIL Photography
Harnessing the visual power of professional headshots and brand photography to empower individuals and businesses. MIL Photography caters to the needs of professionals seeking to elevate their personal and corporate image.