The Evolution of Virtual Health – it’s here for you and your Employees

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Press Release – May 4, 2023

Virtual Health access has been a developing field which skyrocketed during the pandemic and evolved into many service offerings including virtual Doctor, Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Osteopath, and Physiotherapist visits. Some services are government funded, as well there are many pay-for-service providers through Group Benefits Programs as well as individual programs.

These virtual services are highly valued to us as they save us the time we would spend visiting our family doctor, as well as reducing exposure to others who may have contagious viruses. They are valuable for us as well as Employers for the same reasons – everyone wins.

If you are fortunate to have a family doctor that offers virtual services, that’s excellent news for you. However, with the shortage of doctors in Ontario (and most provinces), many are left to seek walk-in clinic visits. The good news for these individuals is that there is a great provider whose services, initially offered during the pandemic, continue to remain free for residents of Ontario, Quebec, BC, and Alberta.

Tia Health ( online doctors can provide several different medical services and are dedicated to addressing your concerns from the comfort of your home. Recently, Tia Health has added virtual Pharmacist visits for Ontario patients including services such as hay fever – welcome spring! Hives, musculoskeletal sprains and strains, conjunctivitis, and several other conditions.

This service is a great value add to employees and to you as the employer to improve your employees’ access to care. Here is a short sample email that can be sent to your employees, family, or friends to ensure that they are aware of this free avenue of virtual care:

Subject: Virtual Healthcare Options

Good afternoon,

‘Tis that season again! The trees are budding and spring allergies are spouting! For many this means a trip to the doctor to figure out what’s making us sneeze and the best course of action for treatment. However, for some who don’t have a general practitioner we have good news, there are other options available rather than heading to the walk-in clinic.

Virtual Health access has been a developing field which skyrocketed during the pandemic and is now here to stay. For those without a family doctor, you may not be aware that residents of Ontario, Quebec, BC, and Alberta can take advantage of virtual doctor services available for free through Tia Health! Check them out at

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